Considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Chicago, Spiaggia decided to close after nearly 40 years. 

Spiaggia, which has been closed for over a year due to pandemic, was surprised by its decision to close permanently as it prepares to reopen its doors. The fact that a new lease agreement could not be reached with owner of the building where the restaurant is located is cited as the reason for this decision. “We welre very much looking forward to welcoming back our cherished family and guests,” a post on Spiaggia’s  website noted. 

Spiaggia, with a kitchen helmed by famous chef Tony Mantuano, has received numerous awards, including a Michelin star. Tony Mantuano has brought Italian cuisine to the top for nearly 40 years with his wife Cathy Mantuano, curator of the James Beard nominated wine cellar. Tony Mantuano received the award for best chef in the Midwest region in 2005. Tony Mantuano, who has contributed greatly to Spidggia’s 40-year adventure, said that this unexpected farewell was very difficult for them. “We gave the majority of our life years to a place and are still really proud of what we did there. so, it was hard to leave, bu we gave a lot, and now it’s time to let that child go on its way,” said Mantuano. 



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