Les Amis, which offers Michelin-starred flavors to its guests at their homes as part of the pandemic measures, has created a special takeaway menu consisting of luxury ice creams, handmade jams and cheeses for its customers.

The renovation of the restaurant, which is managed by Chef Sebastien Lepinoy and serves as the flagship of Les Amis Group, was completed recently. The restaurant, which will serve at tables for five as of July 12, also offers different service conditions to its guests due to the pandemic conditions. Three Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore take classic French dishes and gourmet delicacies to their customers’ homes. Now customers can take home ice cream made with Grand Cru Tahiti vanilla beans, handmade apricot jam, smoked salmon slices, 10 different French cheeses recommended by the chef, and many more.

As high-end restaurants around the world have to close as part of the Covid-19 measures, they are forced to turn to new ways to serve their customers. While many are starting to use digital menus, take-out options are also becoming more common.



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