Celebrity chef Niko Romito has prepared a special menu for 3 Michelin-starred restaurant Reale, whose 20th anniversary coincides with the opening of the quarantine on the same day.

Chef Niko Romito, preparing for the opening on July 2, will host its guests only with a menu dedicated to July and will not be repeated again. From July 2 to August 2, guests will be able to experience a 15-course menu featuring the most important dishes and research that chef Romito has created since 2000, for 150 euros. Chef Romito said that they wanted to offer the possibility to many guests the chance to discover how the thinking process has evolved with a menu which will never be repeated and a way to create a new one which will look at the future.

According to the Food and Wine Gazette, the celebrity chef said, “2020 is not an ordinary year for us not just because of the pandemic but also because it is 20 years since Cristiana and I took over the restaurant and opened Reale. These past months have allowed us to reflect on our gastronomic and entrepreneurial paths. It has given us the time to return back to the core motivations of why we took this path and how our passion for this work came about. Travelling back in time has brought back ideas, choices, experiments and research. With this reflection, we have decided to restart by going back in time and offer a menu to those who love our cuisine and at the same time to the many youngsters who might be passionate about food but who might not always be able to afford to go to fine dining restaurants.”



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