The SluttyShack vegan burger features a Shake Shack veggie patty paired with Slutty Vegan’s secret sauce and will be available at select locations for a limited time to support a good cause.

On August 11, The SluttyShack burger will be available at the Shake Shack in Harlem, New York for a limited time thanks to a collaboration between the fast-food chain and vegan entrepreneur Pinky Cole. Featuring Pinky’s secret Slut Dust, lemon ginger cabbage, caramelized onions, and vegan mayo, the Shake Shack vegan burger is part of the “Now Serving” series, an initiative to support local chefs and local organizations across America.

Pinky Cole said: “Our mission isn’t to tell people to go vegan—but rather, to inspire guests to open up horizons with something new and different. Partnering with Shake Shack is a natural way of furthering this mission—enjoy one of America’s most beloved burger spots, but try it with a twist. Our goal with this collab is to build support for communities and industries close to our hearts.”



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