The International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference, which brings together the stars of the world of gastronomy, creates a bridge between cultures and receives full marks from international authorities with its global impact, crossing borders as a global brand! Signatures were signed for the organization that will host the stars of gastronomy in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, in 2022.


Gastromasa, one of the most distinguished gastronomy conferences in the world, made its first export as a global brand. Chairperson at State Agenct for Tourism Development of Ukraine Mariana Oleskiv and Sözen Group CEO Gökmen Sözen, who agreed to take place in Kiev as well as İstanbul, signed their signatures at a ceremony held in front of the Ukrainian press.

Gastromasa, which aims to create a bridge between cultures, is crowned with a huge conference with the participation of thousand of people after a few days of city and gastronomy tour, creating a great interaction between the masses. Bringing together world-renowned chefs since 2015, Gastromasa is an international brand that is closely followed by the whole world and made its headlines in every organization, and this giant brand is now in Kiev! The organization, which will move to Ukraine as well as the conference to be held in İstanbul, is planned to start in September 2022. Gastromasa, which will be crowned with the participation of thousands of people in the capital after city tours in Odessa and Kiev, aims to introduce Ukrainian gastronomy to the world and create a global interaction.



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