Sicily, the Italian island, which wants to revive tourism after the pandemic, has made many arrangements to attract tourists, apart from the € 50 million fund it has set up.

By slowly lifting restrictions in Italy, one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, ideas are emerging to revive tourism. The regional government of Sicily, one of Italy’s most favoured tourist islands, has set a budget of € 50 million to encourage tourists to visit the island. Sicily stated that visitors it will pay for half of the visitor’s flights, as well as one night of accommodation for every three spent on the island. The Italian island, which said it had a loss of 1 billion euros from tourism revenues in March and April, is also trying to attract visitors with free tickets to places such as museums and archaeological sites. Italy attributes 13% of its GDP to tourism, while it is vital to revive tourism with a fund of 50 million euros in Sicily, Standard reported.



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