Defining itself as “a global and experiential hospitality platform” SHŌ Group is launching San Francisco’s first official NFT restaurant and membership-based club. The project consists of three components: SHŌ Club, a membership-based club, SHŌ, a high-end Japanese restaurant, and SHŌ Market, a Japanese retail food market. It’s all expected to debut sometime in 2023.

SHŌ Club memberships will consist of three levels: Earth, Wind and Fire. All memberships will provide different advantages to members according to their level. First-level members will be able to access a special menu at the restaurant and be served in a private lounge, while highest-level members will be able to enjoy perks like property ownership or a trip to Japan.

Chief Shotaro “Sho” Kamio and tech entrepreneur Josh Sigel’s project investors include senior executives such as Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson, Vlocity founder Craig Ramsey, DocuSign CEO Dan Springer, and DropBox CEO Drew Houston.



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