Located in the heart of Yalıkavak Marina, one of the best marinas in the world, Sakhalin Restaurant is the first project in Turkey from the legendary White Rabbit Family brand, created by restaurateur Boris Zarkov and chef Vladimir Mukhin. Bringing together the diversity of seafood on its menu, Sakhalin is a restaurant where the music of the seas and oceans comes to life.

In Sakhalin there is a great variety of seafood: seashells, crabs, shrimps, and fish from the Russian Far East. Gastronomy as an art сombined with impeccable performance is achieved under the guidance of chef Alexei Kogai. Local products combined with Mediterranean and Asian dishes and cooking techniques have formed the basis for the new style of MediterrAsian cuisine. The heart of the restaurant is the Raw bar with a glacier and an aquarium, from which guests can choose seafood to their liking.

For Sakhalin in Bodrum Irina Glik and Geometry Design studio have created a luxurious and elegant two-level space for 240 seats. The interior is distinguished by the balance between nature and technology. Asymmetrical stone forms and technological kitchen islands are the key elements of the restaurant hall. Irina Glik herself says that in the new Sakhalin Guests can feel themselves as if they are on a fashionable yacht near rocky seashores. The installation resembles a sea urchin, which gives the space a special relevance and artistry.



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