Thessaloniki, Greece charming city, is a place that brings together people and flavors. It has a rich culture where you can see old and new side by side, where you can taste new tastes in historical restaurants.

Alekos, the chef and boss, and his partner Sonia’s historic restaurant, Mavri Thalassa, served as a traditional post-World War II coffee shop in 1926 before it was first changed into a seafood restaurant in the 19th century.

Ranked 21st among the top 100 seafood restaurants in Greece, this two-storey restaurant with stunning sea views reflects the unifying culture of Thessaloniki, as owners say “Sharing brings people together”.

You can order fresh and shellfish for starters, while Thessaloniki dishes are designed to serve fresh and natural seafood. You should definitely try one of its special dishes “white taramsalata”.

Mavri Thalassa supplies shrimp, crayfish and lobsters, which are prepared according to the wishes of its customers, from local fishermen of Thessaloniki. Steamed, fillet made and prepared with lemon is one of the delicious dishes of the sole fish.

They are assertive with their wines as well as the restaurant meals, which have a rich wine menu with the dishes on their menus.



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