Don Alfonso 1890, one of Toronto’s most admired fine dining restaurants, is preparing to make a glamorous return to the city this month with Alfonso and Ernesto Iaccarino’s Michelin cuisine. The restaurant enchanted its guests when it opened on Toronto Street with its prestigious Michelin-starred chefs from Italy and its first-class tasting menu.

Toronto Street has been permanently closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. But Nick Di Donatio of Liberty Entertainment Group thought that there was something special and unique to the city in Don Alfonso 1890 and decided to bring the restaurant back to the city as a pop-up until a new permanent location can be found. Saying that Casa Loma is one of Toronto’s iconic venues, Di Donato says “And since we’re looking for a temporary location until we have a permanent place for Don Alfonso, we felt that the Casa Loma, with its spectacular rooms, would be so appropriate to be able to host the Alfonso’s dinners,” he says.

The world-famous Don Alfonso 1890 has won many awards since its opening in 2018. The restaurant has been ranked as the é2nd Best Italian Restaurant in the World” by 50 Top Italy, and “Best Italian Restaurant in Canada” and “Top Ten of All Restaurant in Canada 2020” by La Liste.



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