René Redzepi and Kristian Baumann’s restaurant 108, located in Copenhagen, announced that it will close permanently after the pandemic.

108, the sister restaurant of the world-famous Noma, announced it will close its doors permanently on September 30 due to a large reduction in the number of tourists visiting Copenhagen. “Due to the negative consequences of the global pandemic, especially the drastic reduction in number of international tourists visiting Copenhagen, we have concluded that it is no longer economically sustainable to continue to operate 108 in the current location” explained in the statement about the closure. The holding company behind 108 will remain in operation, avoiding bankruptcy, and the current partners, including Redzepi, will open another restaurant in its place later in the year. However, current chef and co-owner Baumann will no longer be involved.

Baumann said on his Instagram account, “I wish to thank every member – past and present – of our incredible team, for helping make 108 a truly special place. I would not have come so far or achieved so much without you. I also wish to thank our guests and our friends within local and international food media, as well as those at The White Guide, Michelin and World’s 50 Best Restaurants, for their many years of support – I am forever grateful to you all.”



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