Ravinder Bhogal, the chef of Jikoni which was ranked among the UK’s best restaurants by the National Restaurant Awards in 2019, has started cooking for health workers by partnering with NHS Wellness Box.

Ravinder Bhogal, the chef of Jikoni, which is one of the best restaurants in the UK, sent all her employees home due to health precautions but did not leave the kitchen herself. Successful chef Bhogal, who has partnered with NHS Wellness Box, prepares hundreds of home-cooked meals every day for the tired health workers of nearby King’s College Hospital with her husband. The successful chef, who covered costs out of her own pocket at first with the support of his suppliers, is now pushing ahead with donations to the NHS Wellness Box. Bhogal said, “It is a great privilege to be able to offer a skill at a time when it is needed. I’m trying to cook wholesome meals with international flavours that taste of home because I know how comforting that can be, especially for those who are far away from home or barely getting to spend time with their families. These people are my heroes and it is a pleasure to serve them and extend our hospitality to them.”



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