The 3 Michelin-starred Mirazur, which was selected as the world’s best restaurant in 2019, is set to welcome its guests on June 12 with its new interior design and menu change after the pandemic.

The 3-Michelin-starred Mirazur, which will open 10 days late to observe colleagues and implement the measures brought by the government, will reopen with the changes. Turning the quarantine period into an opportunity, Mirazur’s chef Mauro Colagreco and his wife Julia Colagreco have changed Mirazur’s interior design to breathe new life into their restaurant, which has breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. In addition to the change in the interior design, the menu was also signalled to be changed. Details of the new menu have not yet been released, but Julia Colagreco told Nice Matin about the concept of the new menu: “We want to work with the influence of the Moon on Earth, in a biodynamic logic. We will, therefore, offer four different menus for each moon: around the fruit, the leaf, the root and the flower. using all the energy from the food.”

According to the news in Fine Dining Lovers, about the new design, “We prepared for it in advance by observing what our colleagues were doing in the world. We especially needed time because we are pushing the concept a little further,” the explanation has been made.



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