London’s pioneering vegetarian restaurant Vanilla Black has announced it will close permanently after 16 years.

Described as “one of the most unusual, interesting and exciting meat-free venues in the world” Vanilla Black, one of London’s top vegetarian restaurants, has announced it will close permanently after 16 years. Owners Andrew Dargue and Donna Conroy said that Vanilla Black, a small independent restaurant, which opened 16 years ago at 17-18 Took’s Court in Holborn, could not operate in a financially viable way in the aftermath of COVID-19. Dargue wrote on Twitter that “as a direct side effect of Covid-19 we are deeply saddened to announce that we are unable to see a financially viable way to reopen Vanilla Black on it’s [sic] current site.” He added that the “effects of the last few months have been immensely devastating.” The owners added that they did not see this “as the end” of what was described as a “mission to create innovative vegetarian and vegan cuisine,” adding that the chef would “return in the near future with a new and exciting venture.”



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