In 2003, Peggy Porschen was launched in London by award-winning pastry designer Peggy Porschen and her husband Bryn Morrow. Patisserie named after its owner Peggy Porschen, brings delightful moments with its decoration and colors. Porschen, an experienced chef, has her own tea time at the patisserie with freshly baked, cookies and cakes.

Peggy Porschen not only affects people visually, but also makes a name for itself with irresistible tastes. In the following years, the successful chef who did not want her accumulation limites her in the patisserie only. And she started Peggy’s Pasta Academy in 2011. The award-winning cake designer develops a comprehensive curriculum that includes technical-assisted classes that meet various levels of proficiency for those who want to have a professional degree and start a job.

Choice of famous people

Famous chef of the bakery, Porschen; it is also the name of the prominent dignitaries of London with its cakes prepared for weddings, birthdays and parties. The successful chef, Peggy Porschen is a makes cakes to royal members and a lot of celebrity. In 2011, she prepares her cookies and cakes for the wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince. She makes wonders for Stella McCartney’s wedding and Sir Anthony Hopkins’s cake for his 70th birthday. On the other hand, the cake she prepared for the Madonna’s party has made a name for itself.

Donuts made with the most beautiful fruits

Peggy Porchen is one of the most famous patisserie of London with its beautiful and elegant designs. Entering the world lists, the patisserie combines excellent workmanship with the passion of the successful chef. It appeals to both the eye and the palate with its exquisite taste as well as its visual presentation. Peggy welcomes the most beautiful fruits in Porchen. The patisserie also has colorful macarons that shine in pinks, oranges and greens.

Peggy Porchen has many popular delicacies. Featured cupcakes are, cherry and chocolate cupcake, summer berry cupcake and cookies and creamy cupcake. As one of outstanding patisseries with its delicious cakes Peggy Porchen; The British strawberry and champagne cake, the vanilla cake and the Victorian cake patisserie are the prominent flavors.

Creates happiness in the first sight

When Peggy Porchen was first seen from the outside, he became a cause of happiness. The pinkness of the exterior creates an energy that draws people to the patisserie. The color harmony and flavors inside surround the arrivers. Every single taste that fascinates itself with the fineness of a piece of art, affects you by it’s magic.



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