La Pastisseria, which has delicious desserts prepared with special recipes of Pastry Chef Josep Maria Rodriguez Gerola in Barcelona, one of the most important cities of Spain, conquers the tastes with its magnificent tastes coming out of the chef’s master hands.

La Pastisseria, founded by Josep Maria Rodriguez Gerola, who won the ‘Pastry World Cup’ award, one of the most prestigious awards for the pastry world, in 2011, is among the most famous patisseries in Barcelona. Taking her interest in the art of sweets to a higher level with each passing day, Gerola creates delicious desserts in her patisserie with her husband Ana Jarquin, based on the idea that the pastry profession affects her entire existence and her enthusiasm for learning.

The primary purpose of desserts is lightness

La Pastisseria on Aragó, which is among the important streets in Barcelona, ​​strengthens its place by being in the list of the best patisseries in Spain with the ‘Best Cake of Catalonia and Innovation Award’ it received in 2019. La Pastisseria transforms passions into patisserie products, strikes a harmonious balance between textures and tastes, and offers magical moments to those who eat their desserts. The patisserie, where the primary purpose of its desserts is stated to be lightness, offers many unique tastes that are almost works of art. The legendary patisserie is revolutionizing the pastry world with its innovative ideas, offering its customers to taste its lively and appetizing specialties, which are so beautiful that you can’t stop eating.

Harmony and balance prevail in flavors prepared with Gerola’s special recipes

La Pastisseria flavors are usually a blend of creamy textures with a crunchy texture. Matching contrasting textures to ensure harmony and balance, the patisserie team always works meticulously during the production of the products. Keeping the attention of its guests dynamic without compromising its innovative style, La Pastisseria considers pastry making as an art space. It offers an enjoyable experience with its cakes, artisanal chocolates, sandwiches, and tea and coffee, which are a good accompaniment to all these, which have sparkling, vibrant colors and are prepared with Gerola’s special recipes.



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