Japanese airline All Nippon Airways has launched a new promotion offering its parked planes as “restaurant with wings” to compensate for the lack of travel due to the epidemic. All Nippon Airways strives to satisfy the curiosity of those who want to dine in the first-class cabin and offers a revenue-enhancing service even when planes stay on the ground during the coronavirus outbreak.

On the first day of the new service, 56 guests boarded an idle plane at Haneda Airport in Tokyo for lunch on the ground. A first-class seat with a meal costs 59,800 yen ($541), while the offering’s business-class counterpart runs 29,800 yen. Customers choose in advance from three food options: Japanese-style, Western-style beef, or Western-style fish.

“We designed this service so that customers can feel the ambiance of the first and business class cabins with all the five senses,” said the manager of the new project. The idea was conceived by employees who wanted to make use of parked aircraft amid coronavirus travel restrictions.



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