German Prime Minister Angela Merkel announced that her country will enter “partial quarantine” as of November 2.

Merkel said at the press conference: “We must act, and now, to avoid an acute national health emergency. If infections continue at this rate, we will be at the limits of the capacities of our health system.”

The Prime Minister added that ‘tough’ and ‘nationwide’ measures aim to limit contact as much as possible and prevent the rapid spread of the virus, adding that schools and daycare centres will remain open.

Restaurants and bars are closing

In addition, cultural institutes, including restaurants, bars, entertainment facilities, opera and theatres, will be ordered to close, but schools and daycare centres as well as most businesses expected to remain open. Shops and hairdressers will also be allowed to remain open.

In Germany, all professional sports competitions, including top-level football matches, will be held on Monday without an audience and amateur sports activities will not be allowed.

Merkel said that more than 10 people should not be gathered at a time and that contact at homes will be limited to two people.

The government has recommended not to take “unnecessary, personal trips” to other parts of Germany, such as visiting family, to do so to anyone who can work from home.

Germany will also provide an additional emergency aid package of up to 10 billion euros to help people financially affected by the pandemic.



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