MOM Culinary Institute by Paco Roncero & CHA is born, a comprehensive training centre in the hospitality and restaurant industry, closely linked to sustainability and including an urban garden in the school itself and another one- hectare garden in the surrounding area, and using a methodology that is based on professional rules and best practices in the production sector.

Located in a unique building in the heart of Madrid, in the Salamanca district, MOM has the passion and the vocation required to become a benchmark in professional training that is comprehensive, modern, dynamic and useful for the entire hospitality sector. In the words of Paco Roncero: “The key lies in professionalising the sector; I want to give something back to the sector that has given me so much over so many years”.

The Foundation County Hall Arts, CHA, is a foundation devoted to promoting culture, art and education that sees cooking as an art, approaching this culinary culture from a sustainable and health-focused point of view, and respecting the natural food cycle. “Just as a good dish requires knowledge, imagination and creativity to prepare it, along with its exact cooking time and an attractive presentation, the development of this amazing project has been exactly the same. On 8th January in London, we unveiled the centre to the members of CHA Foundation and began our journey”, Paco Roncero added with pride.

Completing the team are Laura Morcillo (co-founder and CEO), lawyer and expert in HR, cultural transformation and national and international business development, and Nerea Ruano (co-founder and CEO), economist and expert in the development and implementation of new concepts, marketing and communications.

The Mahou San Miguel Foundation is also involved in this project, as main collaborator in order to continue promoting education for employment in the hospitality and tourism sector, by providing support in its professionalisation and development.This partnership strengthens our contribution to improving the employability of our young students and developing their talent.



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