La Menuiserie, one of Wallonia’s best restaurants, announced it is closing its doors. Owner of the restaurant, chef Thomas Troupin and his wife Marie-Charlotte Portois, who worked at L’Air du Temps before launching the restaurant in January 2013, said they were very sad to declare the restaurant’s closing.

The couple, “La Menuiserie has represented more than seven years of hard work, tens of thousands of hours of work, thousands of clients, over a hundred employees and countless briefings and debriefings,” said. “Our passion has not been lost but these times of confinement have been a time of reflection for us. We will seek out new adventures and hope to discover new destinations. We thank you for your support since January 2013 and who knows, maybe we can welcome you in Menuiserie 2.0.” Thomas Troupin and Marie Charlotte Portois said that with all of the restaurant’s friendships, fun and tension, the hectic adventure also took much of their strength and the figures were not what they expected. “We are now at the end of a cycle. We need to reflect on the results and while happy with what we achieved end what we started. We have never made any compromises in the kitchen or during service and we do not want to do something which goes against our principles or our philosophy,” they said, Food and Wine Gazette reported.



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