Restaurants are open or preparing to open as countries around the world lift restrictions. F&B/ Hospitality: Time to Re-Open For Good, organised by French Founders and moderated by Frenchefs CEO Philippe Audier, will bring together Julien Royer, Amandine Chaignot and Luke Ostrom, three successful names in the food and beverage industry.

Amandine Chaignot: 

Restaurants closed on March 14 in France. Since then, restaurateurs and Chefs have been inventive in rethinking their business model to avoid doing nothing during the lockdown. Chef Amandine Chaignot recently transformed her closed restaurant, Pouliche, into a farmers’ market.

Julien Royer: 

Julien has devoted years to forging lasting relationships with some of the finest boutique producers from around the globe (including suppliers from Japan, France and Australia). He takes pride in offering guests a unique opportunity to taste these exceptional ingredients at their peak in his restaurant. Especially because the restaurant is in the heart of a city that is itself at the crossroads of the world.

Luke Ostrom: 

As a distinguished chef earlier in his career, Luke brings a culinary perspective to his operations strategy when developing new locations, building brands, implementing company culture and running day-to-day business operations for NoHo Hospitality Group. Since New York was put “on pause” on March 20, Noho Hospitality, as many other restaurants, had no choice but to lay off hundreds of employees.



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