Opinionated About Dining has announced its annual list of the 100 Best Restaurants in North America.

Celebrity chef Blaine Wetzel’s restaurant The Willows Inn from Washington, which is famous for with its progressive America cuisine, ranked first on the list. While César Ramirez’s Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare from Manhattan is in the second place on the list, Kyle Connaughton’s Single Thread Farm in Healdsburg, which was selected as “One to Watch” on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, is in the third place.

2020 North America Top 100+

1- The Willows Inn (Washington)
Chef: Blaine Wetzel

2- Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare (New York)
Chef: César Ramirez

3- Single Thread Farm (California)
Chef: Kyle Connaughton

4- Saison, (California)
Chef: Laurent Gras

5- Somni (California)
Chef: Aitor Zabala

6- Smyth (Illinois)
Chef: John Shields

7- Blue Hill at Stone Barns (New York)
Chef: Dan Barber

8- Atomix (Manhattan)
Chef: Junghyun Park

9- Andrés by José Andrés (Washington DC)
Chef: Rueben Mosquero

10- Restaurant at Meadowood (California)
Chef: Christopher Kostow

11- Sushi Amane (New York)
Chef: Shion Uino

12- Benu (California)
Chef: Corey Lee

13- Sushi Noz (New York)
Chef: Nozomu Abe

14- Aubergine (California)
Chef: Justin Cogley

15- Oriole (Illinois)
Chef: Noah Sandoval

16- Hugo’s (Maine)
Chefs: Mike Wiley & Andrew Taylor

17- Catbird Seat (Tennessee)
Chefs: Will Aghajanian & Liz Johnson)

18- Castagna (Oregon)
Chef: Justin Woodward

19- Per Se (Manhattan)
Chef: Corey Chow

20- Alinea (Illinois)
Chef: Grant Achatz



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