Chefs, working at a busy pace every day of the week, began to have time for themselves with the closing of restaurants. We have collected free online courses available to chef and chef candidates who want to refresh their knowledge or develop themselves during the quarantine period.


edX is an extensive resource that lists many courses from different institutions, from specialized courses such as ‘the Science of Beer Brewing’ to general topics like ‘Food Ethics’. Chefs who want to learn better the science behind the cooking and haute cuisine, you can find ‘Science & Cooking: From haute cuisine to Soft Matter Science (Chemistry)’ titled 6 weeks education programme for free from Harvard University.

Smart Kitchen

Smart Kitchen offers video and text lessons to applicants with a free 2-week trial. Course types aim to inform enrollees in the best way with levels such as starting to intermediate level and intermediate to a good level

World Chefs Academy-Pre-Commis Chef Training Program

World Chefs Academy offers 6 months of training with this free online course program. The Program is designed to give a basic professional kitchen knowledge in culinary education by providing entry-level standards.

Milk Street

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Cooking School provides dozens of free lessons, ranging from skills, techniques and special ingredients in cooking. Each course starts quite easily and understandably. Although not exactly designed for professionals, the program is very useful for refreshing information.

Serve Safe

Besides the application courses, there is a health and safety issue that should be known especially with the effect of coronavirus. In addition to training such as, free food safety and career development trainings, Serve Safe offers courses titled ‘Takeout and Delivery: COVID-19 Precautions’ on package and service that should be considered in the pandemic era.


Rouxbe online education program allows free 30-day membership. Those who register will be able to develop their skills and knowledge under the leadership of world-renowned chef instructors and former gastronomic school leaders through video, homework, the interaction of instructors.

Online Degree-cooking – introduction to culinary skills

This program is more suitable for beginners in the sector and people who want to improve themselves in food. Within the 24-hour program, they are informed about French terminology and techniques and kitchen equipment.

Top Chef University

Top Chef University, where the top 11 Top Chef contestants teach, offers courses on professional cooking techniques and methods of preparing meals.



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