The enthusiasm of Michelin-starred chefs launched into Bodrum! Welcoming its guests with an environment intertwined with nature and a unique sea view, be Premium Bodrum hosts Michelin-starred chefs who have influenced the world cuisine with their passion and individuality, with the contributions of Sözen Organization. One of the most prestigious chefs of artistic Spanish cuisine, Paco Roncero will design a very special flavor experience with a pop-up event that he will hold at be Premium Bodrum Notias Restaurant, from July 1 to 15.

Bringing together the local flavors of Bodrum and the Aegean, meticulously selected flavor samples from the world cuisine and different tastes, be Premium Bodrum creates a unique gastronomic experience. Thomas Bühner with three Michelin stars from Germany, Paco Roncero with two Michelin stars from Spain, Anatoly Kazakov with one Michelin star from Russia, Anthony Genovese with two Michelin stars from Italy and Yoji Tokuyoshi with one Michelin star will attend the gastronomy events that will take place in be Premium Bodrum with the contributions of Sözen Organization, between July 1st and September 10th. At the pop-up event, which started with a special dinner at Notias Restaurant, Paco Roncero, who gave a feast of taste, was accompanied by Veli Bayraktar, the successful Executive Chef of Premium Bodrum, who hosted her guests with her signature plates.

Chef Paco Roncero with two Michelin stars
Paco Roncero Restaurante / Madrid
The founder and chef of Paco Roncero Restaurante in Madrid, Paco Roncero is considered one of the most prestigious chefs of artistic Spanish cuisine.2006 National Gastronomy Award given by the Royal Gastronomy Academy winner Roncero runs another restaurant, Sublimotion, located in Ibiza and open only in summer. It is known as the most expensive restaurant in the world, where technology and art are used together, appealing to all senses of the customers. Famous Chef Roncero will perform a pop-up event at the be Premium Bodrum Notias Restaurant between July 1-15.



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