Chocolate… This melting, velvety, magical thing may be the favourite and most preferred dessert of all time, but those who know the secret of good chocolate are rare. French chocolatier Jean-Paul Hevin is one of those who knows that secret best.

Jean-Paul Hevin, the owner of the Maison de Jean-Paul Hevin chocolatier chain, which has a total of 16 branches, 4 in Paris, 11 in Japan and one in Hong Kong, was born and raised in a small, charming town in France called Mayenne. Hevin, who started cooking sweets with fruits from his father’s garden when he was a little boy, is one of the lucky people who found his purpose in life early.

How does a world-famous chocolatier grow up?

” I noticed when I was little that sweets soften the soul like music, ” he said, adding that his career began in the 1970s as a cake, chocolate and ice cream maker. After working as an apprentice in various hotels, his path crossed with Joël Robuchon, known as the greatest chef of the century, and he won various awards 8 times in a row in the dessert and chocolate competitions that he learned from his master.

Today, Jean-Paul Hevin is one of the most passionate partisans of chocolate “culture” in France and the world. The Maison de Jean Paul Hevin conquers the hearts with its branches scattered all over the city and delicious and inventive chocolates and desserts from the hands of the famous chocolatier.

Fruity, caramel, chestnut …

Hevin’s speciality is chocolate, which offers a wide range of options such as pastries, cakes, macarons and caramel. Tablet chocolates are one of the most popular products of the place. Particularly, there is a lot of interest in zero sugar tablet chocolate made from 100% dark chocolate beans. In addition, the chestnut flavoured chocolate, which melts in the mouth and leaves the taste of roasted chestnut with its creamy consistency, is among the favourites.

One of the most preferred ones of the place is their hot chocolate. Especially during the cold winter months, this hot drink, which warms the soul as you look at the grey skies of Paris, is prepared by sticking to a recipe signed by Hevin like everything else in the shop. The consistency of hot chocolate, which has varieties such as cinnamon, currant and hazelnut, is intense and its aroma is quite rich.

Special for lovers: Love apple

Maison de Jean-Paul Hevin will continue to be the haunt of Parisians with its colourful macarons with soft outside cream and a little bit of sugar inside, red apple-shaped cakes called Pomme d’Amour, which means Love apple and sold exclusively for Valentine’s Day and a variety of cakes for chocolate crises.



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