René Redzepi, the successful chef who has many successes with his 2 Michelin star restaurant Noma, started serving his guests today with a new burger and wine menu.

The celebrity chef, who said “It’s not about being together, it’s not about trying to be innovative,” began preparing burgers starting today at a busy but delicious working pace with his team. The celebrity chef is preparing to give his guests a different experience than usual with picnic covers by showing the difference of flavour once again with his burger, which also has a vegetarian option. Celebrity chef Redzepi announced that they started working again by sharing with their followers the preparation process that was quite tiring but enjoyable with the video he shared on social media today. As Denmark gradually lifts restrictions, the celebrity chef will start gastro-tourism a little later, like all other restaurants. The chef, who will temporarily serve his guests with a burger and wine menu to ensure the restaurant’s continuity and appeal to everyone, announced on social media that “We feel in the first phase of the reopening that we want to be open for all.”



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