Restaurant Noma was once again named the best restaurant in the world at The World’S 50 Best Restaurant 2021 ceremony held in Antwerp, Belgium. Noma, which closed in 2016 despite being voted best in the world four times, reopened in 2018, this time in a new location, and is considered a new entry to the list. That’s why Noma is the only restaurant that managed to reach the top of the list in two different locations. Moreover, the title came just weeks after it received its third Michelin star.

René Redzepi, the founding chef of the restaurant, thanked his team on the stage wearing the shirt designed by his daughter and said that this success would never have been possible without them. “When Noma opened I was 23-years-old… our dream was to simply make a living from what we loved. I want to recognise all the restaurant and industry people who have fought for survival during this period. For us at Noma, we are now entering different cycle. A post-Covid cycle. But what is our future? How do we want to cook? What principles form the foundation of what we do? We spent the last year and half dreaming of something, we are ready to go build it now,” Redzepi said.

Geranium, again in Copenhagen, took the second place in the list, while Adador Etxebarri from Spain took the third place. Pía León was chosen as the best female chef in the world. The One to Watch Award went to Ikoyi, based in London, and Will Goldfrab was named best pastry chef. The Sustainable Restaurant award was given to Boragó in Chile.



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