After years of hard work and experimentation, chef René Redzepi’s restaurant Noma in Copenhagen is launching a line of garum sauces that customers can enjoy comfortably at home. The garums, which will be offered in a vegan and vegetarian version, are selected from hundreds of vinegar, miso, kombucha, and garum developed by the restaurant’s testing lab. “The restaurant’s Fermentation Laboratory is ready to offer the first two products to be sent to anyone who wants to be a home chef,” Redzepi said.

Jason Ignacio White, Director of the Fermentation Lab, said these garums are suitable for all kinds of soups, sauces, and salad dressings. “You can use them like you would put grated lemon zest on a plate.” Noma Projects will launch more garum after the smoked mushroom garum and gluten rice garum sauces, including a mix that resembles fried chicken wings in flavor. Redzepi also hopes that vegetarian garums will encourage consumers to adopt a predominantly plant-based diet.



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