The vegan fine dining restaurant, Belse Plant Cuisine was opened by LA’s Little Pine’s owners and features dishes such as Crispy Cauliflower, Panko Crusted Piccata, and Tomato Caprese in Dallas, US.

The restaurant was created by the owners and operators of Little Pine, a popular Los Angeles vegan eatery founded in 2015. Belse Plant Cuisine is featuring dishes such as Ketchup Flight with seasoned French fries, Crispy Cauliflower with charred pineapple aioli dipping sauce, Tomato Caprese with cashew mozzarella and balsamic glaze, Panko Crusted Piccata with smashed red potatoes and sauteed green beans, and desserts such as Milk & Cookies and C&C Mousse. The restaurant also offers a kids menu.



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