The International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference has been postponed to a later date due to the COVID-19 pandemic that surrounds the world. Gastromasa, which acts as an important bridge between Turkish gastronomy and world gastronomy by bringing together world-famous chefs in Istanbul, will be held for the 6th time at the Haliç Congress Center on November 6, 2021.

Gastromasa General Manager Gokmen Sözen said, ” We believe that gastronomy is a universal affluence where we use all the 5 senses together, where the product can be tasted properly by feeling its visual, sound and smell, and where the culture and the history can be understood only when they touch the heart. So far, we have implemented Gastromasa from this holistic point of view. Gastromasa, which has been implemented with great dedication and effort since 2015, is now one of the 5 most important gastronomy events in the world. In this success, both the gastronomic richness of our country and the contribution of our local and international stakeholders played a very important role.”

Stating that COVID-19 pandemic deeply affect the gastronomy sector and there have been radical changes in all of our life-styles, Sözen said: “We are closely following developments in both Turkey and the world in order to carry out this event in the safest way for our participants, visitors, speakers, sponsors and all our supporters. As we foresee that this period will take some more time for the world to recover, we need to change the date of Gastromasa in order not to risk our stakeholders and to perform Gastromasa in a more enjoyable, efficient and beneficial way with the enthusiasm it deserves.”

The theme of Gastromasa, which will be held at the Haliç Congress Center on November 6, 2021, was announced as “Design”.



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