1st International Madrid Fusión The Wine Edition Congress, which will take place in Madrid from May 31 to June 2, 2021, will focus on the new trends and new talents of the wine industry. The congress, which will for the first time combine its own auditorium with the importance of Madrid Fusión’s main stage, will ensure the integration of gastronomy and wine.

Almudena Alberca (Master of Wine, MW), Pedro Ballesteros (MW), Andreas Kubach (MW), Ferran Centelles (ex sommelier El Bulli), Norrel (MW), María Naranjo (ICEX Spain Food) in Madrid Fusión The Wine Edition , Director of the Wine and Gastronomy Department), Benjamín Lana (Madrid Fusión Vice President and Head of Vocento Gastronomy) and Patricia Mateo (CEO & co and Director of Vocento Gastronomy). ICEX’s Spanish wines will be the main sponsor of the congress.

The programming of MF The Wine Edition will take place in the form of morning sessions and afternoon sessions. Theoretical sessions will be held in the morning. There will be round tables, lectures, talks, and presentations that will try to provide a broad and interesting vision of what is happening in the world of wine. The program will feature conversations on current topics such as a new take on the world of natural wine, auction houses and luxury wines, and educational talks for industry professionals.



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