Ireland’s 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Aimsir will reach a wider range of customers with its new fast-casual concept.

2 Michelin-starred Aimsir, which has been forced to close again due to the rise of local cases after the pandemic shut down restaurants, is returning with its new concept. In the new pop-up called Every Cloud, kebab will be served in a trailer between 13:00 and 18:00 or until the meal is over, and payments will be made only by credit card. On the menu will be lobster rolls, lamb kebabs and purple-potato fries with cheese foam. “In total, Aimsir was closed for almost 4 months,” says head chef Jordan Bailey. “It was, of course, a very unsettling period for us and everyone in our industry but we had great confidence we would pull through to the other side.”

Aimsir was among the restaurants that actively supported the society and healthcare professionals during the pandemic process. “My sous chef and I helped out our local hospital by cooking 200 meals, 3 times a week,” says Bailey. “We wanted to do our bit so we thought, what better way to keep the doctors and nurses going than with tasty wholesome food. We also spent a couple of days a week in our gardens on the property to make sure we had produce to come back to and develop a menu around when we were given the all-clear.”



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