Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz’s visionary restaurant, the 2 Michelin-starred Mugaritz, will only welcome guests until October this year with a special menu that was conceived during the lockdown.

Ranking 7th on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2019, Mugaritz will away with the concept of starters, main courses and desserts on its special menu this year and instead reflect the restaurant experience as a story to its guests. “We have our own way of classifying dishes,” Aduriz continued: “We say: this dish is challenging, this one is a landscape, this one is pure technique. Like in a film or a novel, the elements form an equilibrium and they tell a story through their sequence.” The poetic names of the creations such as ‘Textures Below Zero’ draw attention in the special menu.

According to 50 Best, as most guests of Mugaritz, one of the latest restaurants to open in Spain with its opening on July 31, came from abroad, Chef Aduriz did not know what to expect during the reopening process. “The surprise is that I have found an extremely motivated team and a loyal customer – this whole situation has helped people understand that restaurants form part of the culture a city and a country and that they need support,” said Aduriz, who met positive reactions after the reopening.



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