The story of the chocolate that everyone is passionate about from all ages has a history that goes back to the Mayans. Of course, chocolate has been transformed into a number of transformations with the food technology that has evolved over the centuries. Mast Brothers, who conquered the hearts with its resilience to the industrial chocolate production, continues its fascination with its boutique structure and handmade exquisite chocolates.

Mast Brothers, one of the special names in handmade chocolate production, is a company that produces its chocolate by traditional methods despite the industrial infrastructure of the food industry. Mast Brothers,  with the motto of “bean to bar” wants to emphasize how a natural process his chocolates are going from the core to the edible tablet form. In 2007, Rick and Michael Mast brothers, who started to produce chocolate in their small cute shops in Brooklyn, think that they created a legendary brand with their handmade special chocolates. Brothers, awarded with “Best New American Chocolate” by the Food & Wine magazine and the titled as “Brooklyn’s black secret” in Time magazine.

Delightful packages with collectible value

Mast Brothers is able to provide a creative look with its packages alongside their simplicity and flavor. In their humble shops Mast Brothers revealing a magnificent job in a very simple way against to the todays technologie. The brothers who say that they reflect their character to their work are quite assertive with the chocolate they produce.

In the factories that carry the trace of old times, fragrances of the roasted cocoa beans takes effect in everyone who enters. The Mast Brother’s chocolate, above all, conquer the hearts of chocolate lovers with their pleasant packages.

You may not get the chance to find your favorite package a second time, because packagings are only used once as 500 times. So even the package of the Mast Brothers have a collection value. The designs of the packaging papers themselves are determined and packaged by themselves. They have a synergy that blends the manual, the traditional and the contemporary.

Every stage of chocolate production

The most important factor that makes the brothers of the creative brothers valuable; that they control each stage during the whole chocolate production. From the selection of cocoa beans to their conversion into a chocolate bar, the Mast Brothers are interested in all processes. They traveled through the countries where they could find the best cocoa beans for a long time and eventually decided on Madagascar, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

Mast Brothers’ chocolate workshop has a special collection of cocoa beans from Peru, Belize, Papua New Guinea, as well as sea salt, vanilla, coffee and almond chocolates. With the best cocoa beans and using the most natural methods, Mast Brothers is a candidate to be the chocolate idol of America with its minimalist chocolates that appeal to both the eye and the palate.



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