There was a racist attack recently on the Michelin-starred restaurant Jeju Noodle Bar in New York. Douglas Kim, the restaurant’s owner, said he couldn’t take his employees to the takeaway because he was scared.

Douglas Kim, who closed his Michelin-starred restaurant Jeju Noodle Bar weeks ago due to coronavirus, received a photo of a sentence written on his restaurant’s window from one of his regular customers. In the photo, Kim, the business owner who saw the caption “Stop eating dogs,” written in black pencil on the window, said he was not surprised at all. The restaurant had been closed weeks earlier because the head chef and employees of the Jeju Noodle Bar did not feel safe when coming to work and serving takeaways. Kim, the business owner, said: “I had hope that we were going to do okay with delivery. I was telling my key players, ‘I think we can do delivery at least, I can pay you guys and I think we can stretch it and stay open.’” he said. This incident is just one example of the growing racist attacks against Asian-American restaurants in the United States amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.



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