Famous chef Marco Pierre White shares the secrets of making 3 Michelin-starred meals at home with a course called Delicious Food Cooked Simply in a new e-learning service from the BBC called Maestro.

Marco Pierre White, the first British chef to be awarded 3 Michelin stars, takes us on a gastronomic journey from the moment he first put on the chef’s apron at 16 to the peak of fine dining at Harvey’s, followed by his eponymous restaurant, retirement and continuing career in television. The course includes 32 lessons from 32 of the most important moments of this unique gastronomic journey. “Cooking is not about recipes. It’s a philosophy,’ says White.

Thanks to the chef’s direct teaching style, lessons are suitable for anyone at all levels, from novice home cooks to experienced professionals. “It’s not about recipes. This is about food. The understanding of food. How to take something as simple as a potato and take it somewhere it’s never been before. It’s impossible to cook 3-star food at home without a team, but what I can do is impart that 3-star understanding and show you how to introduce it into your cooking at home.”

The online Maestro course will feature many other talents who share their knowledge, including Heston Blumenthal, who will teach Master Cooking at Home.



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