The team of Michelin-starred omakase restaurant Ju-Ni is opening the Handroll Project, which will be a special sushi spot in San Francisco. The venue, which aims to offer a more comfortable environment to its customers, will begin to welcome its guests in early October.

Hand rolls, mostly stuffed with uni and ikura, will be the focus of the Ju-Ni team’s next restaurant, The Handroll Project. The restaurant’s partners, Tan Truong and chef Geoffrey Lee, plan to build a long counter where customers can sit down and grab hand rolls stuffed with tuna, uni or ikura. The primary goal of the team, which is still working on the menu, is to provide takeaway service to customers so that they can make their own handrolls. Unlike other sushi rolls, which are cut into smaller pieces, hand rolls are served whole, usually in the shape of a cone, and are intended to be held by hand while eating. Saying that this format of the Handroll Project excites him, Truong states that sake, wine and beer will also be on their menu.



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