The survey, launched in May by Marcus Wareing, the chef of UK Michelin-starred restaurant Marcus, revealed that only 54% of customers plan to spend the same amount they spent on restaurants before the quarantine.

According to the survey of 8,970 people and conducted by the firm of Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing, 34% of customers thought they would spend less money on restaurants, while 11% said they would spend more. The survey, conducted May 20-28, found that 31.4% of respondents were quite worried about going back to restaurants, while 23.4% were slightly concerned. According to Big Hospitality UK, 73.7% of respondents said they wanted employees’ temperatures to be checked, but only 33.9% said they wanted employees to wear face masks and 37% of staff to wear gloves. Customers find it quite uncomfortable to wear masks and gloves in the dining area, and 62% of respondents said they are not comfortable wearing masks and 65% wearing gloves.



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