Christophe Pauly, the chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Coq aux Champions, located in Soheit-Tinlot, Belgium, has begun drive-in service as of Friday.

“The principle is to let customers pick up the day’s menu without getting out of the car. It might look simple but it requires a lot of organisation,” said Christophe Pauly, chef at Michelin-starred restaurant Le Coq aux champions, who noted that drive-in service did not compromise its standards. According to the Food and Wine Gazette, the successful chef, who takes strict health and safety precautions in the menus he creates, ensures full safety by taking payments online. The chef, who only serves the car during certain hours, continues to support manufacturers by using local products, as always. Customers will be able to experience fine dining at home with the instructions contained in the packages.



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