The 3 Michelin-starred Akelaŕe, whose doors were opened by Pedro Subijana with a small team of 8 on July 31st in 1970, celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The 3 Michelin-starred Akelaŕe, one of the pioneering restaurants of Spanish gastronomy that received its first Michelin star 8 years after its opening, celebrated its 50th anniversary. The famous chef Pedro Subijana, who signed a 50-year history with Akelaŕe which is located in the outside of San Sebastian, in a more rural area, away from all the chaos of the city, helped start the “New Basque Cuisine” trend, which focused on the use of seasonal products and many innovations and creativity. Chef Subijana, who put together the creation of the EuroToques chefs association, numerous TV shows and book publications as well as many activities in his career, has expanded the restaurant over the years and added 2 more Michelin stars to Akelaŕe after 25 years and adding success to his success he opened his 5-star hotel and a second restaurant, Espazio Oteiza.



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