Michelin-starred chef Michael Mina, who owns more than 40 restaurants worldwide, announced that he will open a new restaurant in Hollywood. Famous chef and Mina Group President Patric Yumul will design a restaurant that will serve healthy food and cater to multiple diets.

Mina, who also opened a ‘health food’ store called Indie Superette in January 2020, said: “Even at steakhouses, they’re getting around 10% to 15% demand, more and more, demanding certain diets and that sort of thing, and people are looking for health and wellness. It’s a lot more focused,” he said.

The restaurant named “Mother Tongue” will host its customers in a large space of 5,000 square meters near La Brea and Santa Monica Boulevard. Regarding the restaurant, which is expected to open in early 2022, Mina said, “We really wanted to launch it in Los Angeles. Without a doubt, there are certain cities where people are really focused on health, and Los Angeles is probably at the top of the list.”

The menu, most of which is under development, will also include meals aimed at alleviating Type 2 Diabetes. The aim of the menu will be to eliminate as much processed grains, flour and sugar as possible and replace them with ingredients like butter, coconut oil and avocado oil.

Mina says, “The important thing is that you feel fully satisfied when you eat a meal. It’s not about how you cut all that stuff and have these little portions. It’s really about how you get the best meals and how you prioritize a health and wellness component from start to finish, from products to techniques.” He stressed the importance of the issue.



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