Lastly, Miami, which has been announced by Michelin to earn a star as of 2022, has recently started to host many new restaurants from Korean cuisine to Spanish flavors. Here are some of the best new venues introduced to the city…

El Turco

In Chef Vural Aydoğan’s lively Turkish cafe, the tables are filled with dishes of different colors, tastes and textures. “Everything is delicious in this little shop, from Turkish coffee to fresh pastries and bread,” says Michelle Bernstein. The chef prepares everything daily.


Located in a Design District building whose entrance suggests a spaceship, this Korean steakhouse has a high-octane vibe and USDA Prime steak menu like its Manhattan flagship. “My favorite restaurant this year,” says Chef Valerie Chang. “From their impeccable hospitality to their tangy flavored dishes, they bring just that. As you walk out of that aisle and enter the restaurant, you can’t help but get excited and feel the air.” Chef David Shim’s kimchi stew and janchi somyun are among Chang’s favorite dishes.


Whether you’re sitting on the plant-filled outdoor patio or in the airy white dining room, the restaurant at the Rubell Museum has a great alfresco feel. “The menu brings me back to the Basque Country,” says Cindy Hutson, chef of Cerveceria La Tropical. Alongside the starters at Mikel Goikolea are appetizers such as bacalao or confit cod and 50-day dry-aged, bone-in rib eye. Cocktails are inspired by tonic options with an emphasis on softened gin in flavors like basil and strawberry.

Luca Osteria

This casual spot in Coral Gables’ Giralda Plaza takes its pasta seriously. Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli makes the shapes in-house and offers preparations like short rib Bolognese and pappardelle with mortadella butter. Niven Patel, chef at nearby Orno’s, is excited about the restaurant: “Chef Giorgio offers a fresh and seasonal menu, which is important to me. He sprinkles the pasta with lemon sauce, 24-month-old parmesan reggiano and a little black pepper.”



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