Merlin Labron-Johnson, who was awarded a Michelin star at just 24, will open a new cafe and wine bar in Somerset later this month. The menu of the venue, which will accept its visitors without reservation, also includes Labron-Johnson’s special cider.

The venue, which will open in the “Old Pharmacy” building in Bruton, will serve as a cafe and wine bar. Old Pharmacy, which will also provide take-out service, is preparing to surprise its visitors with its evening menu. Merlin Labron-Johnson, who also owns the bistro-style Osip, says they’ve created a more relaxed concept at Old Pharmacy. Customers will have the opportunity to purchase local Somerset produce while tasting dishes accompanied by cider.

Beverages offered at the wine bar will include wine from the producers of Wilding and Find & Foster, beer and cider from Labron-Johnson’s Osip. Old Pharmacy, which will accept its visitors without reservation, will open its doors on July 22.



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