With the loosening of rules in countries, McDonald’s has sent franchise branches a 59-page guide on how they should manage their dining areas.

Fast-food chains, which have closed most of their branches for a long time and serve only delivery and cars with open branches, have set new rules with the gradual lifting of restrictions. A more hygienic environment will be provided with new measures that will restrict customers’ communication with each other and employees and maintain social distance. With the 59-page guide, McDonald’s has directed to its branches, the health of customers and employees will be protected at a maximum level. The rules include disinfecting the high-touch areas every 30 minutes and using social distance lines to prevent accidental contact from customers. According to the news in Eater, the rules include the closure of soda fountains, which are used openly by customers, cleaning digital kiosks after each order, and placing ‘closed’ sign on some tables to determine the social distance among customers.



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