Mauro Colagreco takes over two restaurants on the Maybourne Riviera. The restaurants, which will be part of The Maybourne Hotel Group, will be built on a rocky peninsula and have a modern style.  

Opening on Saturday, October 9th, Ceto is located on the top floor of the hotel with stunning panoramic views out over the Mediterranean. Honoring its location, Mauro will also establish a “sea cuisine workshop” in this restaurant, which will reinforce knowledge about seafood and explore sustainable ecological solutions. The menü, which will represent the Mediterranean, will not only include fish and shellfish, but also seaweed, seagrass, sea fennel, sea cucumbers and snails.

The other restaurant of Mauro Colagreco is Riviera Restaurant, which opened its doors on September 22. This place, which presents the local gastronomy in its simplest form, offers lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day. Reflecting the rich diversity of the region on its menü, Colagreco offers its guests delicacies such as Niçoise salad, Spaghetti alla Genovese, grilled fish and Tropézienne.

These new projects by the three Michelin-starred chef are seen as a great opportunity for him to showcase his culinary vision and place the region at the forefront of the international gastronomy scene.



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