Chef Massimo Bottura has launched a new meal delivery service through his Franceschetta 58 restaurant in Modena. Bottura and the head chef of Franceschetta 58, Francesco Vincenzi, have created DIY meal kits available on MyMenu, which allow diners to assemble some of the most famous dishes from the restaurant’s menu. 

Diners can order the famous Emilia Burger which is made using a beef and cotechino patty, a balsamic mayonnaise, green sauce and 24-month aged parmesan. The restaurant’s stuffed rabbit is also available with potato cream, Marsala sauce and savoy cabbage, a dish that’s ready to eat in ten minutes. Much of the hard work has been done for diners who, following easy instructions, can construct the meals themselves. The longest prep time is for the calamarata with smoked clams and parsley, which takes just 15 minutes. The successful chef Vincenzi has also been posting instructional videos for anyone who wants to follow along.



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