Sozen Organisation which has been carrying out the organizations that create influence in the world such as Gastromasa, Gastroway and GastroAntep with over 20 years of experience, is preparing to create a new meeting point for the sector with the 1st International Tourism Gastronomy and Entertainment Summit FSUMMIT.

At FSUMMIT, which will be held in Antalya on 5-6 March 2021, world tourism professionals will come together and discuss all aspects of the hospitality sector. FSUMMIT, where all stakeholders of the hospitality sector, especially local and foreign investors and managers, will meet under the same roof and where the hospitality sector will be discussed in 360 degrees, will serve as an important bridge between the national and international business world. FSUMMIT, which will address many issues such as the new normal order after the pandemic in the tourism gastronomy and hospitality sector, trends in the world, innovations, sustainability and investment plans, will cover the theme of “Differentiation in Hospitality” in its first year and will open the doors of the business world with the experts of the subject.

FSUMMIT will host the stories and experiences of gastronomy professionals, investors and managers from Turkey and the world as they discuss the hospitality sector in-depth, with all aspects such as all-inclusive systems at hotels, boutique hotels, city hotels, farms, restaurants in tourist destinations, food supply chains and travel agents.

FSummit will bring a new breath to the sector by bringing together important names from both Turkey and the world under the same roof as in the other signature events of Sozen Organization.



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