Khalaktyrsky beach, one of the jewels of the Kamchatka peninsula near Kamchatsky, Russia is facing a major eco-disaster.

The black volcanic sands of the beach are filled with hundreds of dead sea animals, from Giant Pacific octopuses to seals, sea urchins, stars, crabs and fish. Preferred by local surfers and beloved by tourists, the colour of the Pacific Ocean waves is currently a pale yellow and surrounded by a strong toxic scent. Divers are continuing checks to update the status of the marine animals and point out that underwater life is disappearing, showing that even the strongest crustaceans are dead on the beach. It was found that seals refused to dive and tried to spend as long as possible on the surface.

Specialists of Roshydromet take the samples of water

A community of local surfers affiliated with pointed to major problems with the beach three weeks ago, saying they experienced many problems such as a burning sensation in their eyes, severe headache, fever, sore throat and loss of vision after getting out of the water.

Dead sea life at Malaya Lagernaya Bay




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