Award-winning chefs Angel Leon, Pia Leon, and Virgilio Martinez came together who devote their lives to nature, sea, and soil from different continents of the world. At the pop-up event held yesterday in Apoinente, the chefs designed the meal and the experience together.


Angel Leon, also known as “Sea Chef” and the chef of 3 Michelin starred Apoinent, presented a selection of seafood that he interpreted with his innovative approaches while Peruvian chef Pia Leon – 2018’s Latin America’s Best Female Chef and The World’s Best Woman Chef in 2021 The World’s 50 Best- creates plates full of colors that reflect the ever-changing nature of indigenous ingredients he collects from various regions of Peru, from the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon Jungle, from the Andes to the valleys and lakes. Virgilio Martinez, the chief of Central Restaurant – chosen as the second-best restaurant in Latin America and the fifth-best in the world in 2017 – reinterprets local Peruvian ingredients with modern cooking techniques.




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