Japanese restaurant Taka, which has been expected since last year, opens in London on September 24, 4 months after the planned date.

After the first restaurant in Mayfair, the second Japanese restaurant Taka, which will be run by Andres and Anastasia Datsenko, will open its doors in Marylebone, London on September 24 with its unique menu created by a successful team. Created by Head Chef Jonathan Dowling and Executive chef Taiji Maruyama, who previously worked together at the Beaverbrook Hotel in Surrey, the menu consists of plates focusing on hot and grilled dishes as well as sushi with a strong focus on British ingredients, including vegetables sourced from Nama Yasai, a small family-owned organic farm in East Sussex that specialises in Japanese produce.

Dishes will include a yakitori omakase, comprising a whole Botterills chicken broken down into its different components and then grilled over hot coals; as well as the Spanish tapas-inspired kani crab croquettes; fried chicken wings stuffed with truffle and potato; a salad of preserved seasonal ingredients served with mizuma and roasted sesame seeds; and mochi flat breads and dips, the Big Hospitality UK reported. The sushi offer, meanwhile, will feature Kagoshima A5 Wagyu sukiyaki with onsen eggs; popcorn shrimp with daikon salad; and a wagyu, caviar and truffle maki with gold leaf.



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